What’s In Household Dust?

At The Maids, we consider ourselves experts on dirt and dust. It’s our job to remove them from your home.

First, let’s dispel an urban myth that claims that household dust is largely made of shed human skin cells. Not true.  Although skin cells are present, they are only a very small fraction of household dust.

Well then, what’s in it? Dust can come from only two places- from the outdoors or from indoors. Dust from the outdoors largely consists of particles of soil and pollen granules (allergies!).  On the inside, dust consists of small pieces of fiber from furniture, carpets, and bedding.  The other major component is from organic sources- dander from pets (allergies!), small particles from insects or bugs, and yes, the occasional skin cell. Human hair and pet hair can also contribute to dust, and they are often found associated with fluffy dust (aka dust bunnies).

Below are  two microscopic photos of household dust.




In an accompanying blog we will provide you with some tips for minimizing the dust in your home.  You can’t eliminate dust, but you can take steps to control it.